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Bug ESBJAVA-5065

rabbitmq.server.retry.interval parameter is not available for Inbound Endpoint in CarbonUI

Inbound Endpoints Sohani Weerasinghe Sohani Weerasinghe Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-4392

PassThroughMessageProcessor threads on waiting state

  Vijitha Ekanayake Vijitha Ekanayake High Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-4525

Subsequent request fails after a 204 No Content is sent with a body

Transport Senduran Balasubramaniyam Ravi Undupitiya Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5046

Tenant space - Cannot access WSDL in WSO2 ESB 5.0.0 WUM updated product

  Chanika Geeganage Chanika Geeganage Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate