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Bug ESBJAVA-5170

[ESB+CG] NPE is observed when accessing the pass through proxy creation page

Cloud Gateway Vinod Kavinda Aparna Karunarathna Highest Resolved Done   Moderate
Patch ESBJAVA-5055

Callout mediator sending empty message when there are security headers in the SOAP message

Mediators Madhawa Gunasekara Chanaka Fernando Highest Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-3683

ESB cannot act as a JMS producer under a tenant mode

  Malaka Silva Malaka Silva Highest Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Improvement ESBJAVA-5138

Expose transaction id used to send idoc to SAP in SapTransportSender to the synapse level

  Sasikala Kottegoda Sasikala Kottegoda Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-4983

String value "1E3" converted into mathematical notation while transforming into JSON

  Sudharma Subasinghe Madhavi Upeksha Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5200

Special characters are not getting replaced with _EnC0DeCHaRHyPh3n_ at jsFunction name

  Chanaka Fernando Prabushi Samarakoon Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Improvement ESBJAVA-4721

When converting xml to JSON ESB is not identifying array with single element as an array.

  Chanaka Fernando Nipun Thameera Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5041

Header is modified when posting multipart/form-data

  Sohani Weerasinghe Ruwani Wanniarachchi High Closed Fixed   Moderate