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Bug ESBJAVA-4969

ESB drops the generated Response Body generated within the ESB flow when HTTP 404 Response with Empty Body from Backend with Content-Length: 0 Header

  Chanaka Fernando Vijitha Ekanayake Highest Open Unresolved   Moderate
Patch ESBJAVA-4968

HTML response is returned for WS-Security errors.

Core Engine Chanaka Fernando Asela Pathberiya Highest Open Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-4967

Cannot remove API when created by CAPP

API Chanaka Fernando Kleber Rocha Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-4966

ESB sample 800 get failed

  Nuwan Wimalasekara Nuwan Wimalasekara Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-4965

LogMediator doesn't manage well debug and trace category

  Chanaka Fernando gregory eve Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate