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Bug ESBJAVA-5065

rabbitmq.server.retry.interval parameter is not available for Inbound Endpoint in CarbonUI

Inbound Endpoints Sohani Weerasinghe Sohani Weerasinghe Normal Resolved Fixed   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5064

SOAP to JSON Integration broken with JSONStreamBuilder/Formatter

  Chanaka Fernando dushan abeyruwan High Open Unresolved   Novice
Improvement ESBJAVA-5063

Request message tracing through ESB

  Chanaka Fernando Lasindu Charith Highest Open Unresolved   Advanced
Wish ESBJAVA-5062

Add Amazon Linux AMI to tested operative systems

  Chanaka Fernando Miguel Lorono Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5061

Two test cases are failure in Product-ESB in "tests-service" module

  Chanaka Fernando vivekananthan sivanayagam Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5060

Support HTTP DELETE with content body

  Chanaka Fernando Chanaka Fernando Highest Open Unresolved   Moderate
Improvement ESBJAVA-5059

Transaction support for RabbitMQ inbound endpoint

  Indika Sampath Indika Sampath Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Improvement ESBJAVA-5058

Add initAxis2ClientOptions to Call mediator in blocking mode

  Chanaka Fernando Maduranga Siriwardena Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5057

Security Policy reset after server restart

  Chanaka Fernando Udani Gunawardena Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate