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Bug ESBJAVA-5103

Aggregate mediator does not works when having correlateOn expression

  Chanaka Fernando Nuwan Wimalasekara Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Patch ESBJAVA-5102

Auth headers are swapping when call to the endpoint

  Chanaka Fernando Kavitha Subramaniyam Highest Open Unresolved   Moderate
Improvement ESBJAVA-5101

Dynamic Xpath support for 'enclosing element' and 'timeout' values in aggregate mediator

  Chanaka Fernando Sohani Weerasinghe Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5100

Error when proxy service try to failover with loadbalance endpoint.

  Nuwan Wimalasekara Nuwan Wimalasekara Normal In Progress Unresolved   Moderate
Bug ESBJAVA-5099

NullPointerException when the tenant being cleaned up before the scheduled task is executed

  Chanaka Fernando Asanka Abeyweera Normal Open Unresolved   Moderate