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Changes in dependency
  1. WSO2 Carbon - New Data Sources Core  ? → (detail)
  2. WSO2 Carbon - Tasks Core  ? → (detail)
  3. org.wso2.micro.integrator.coordination  ? → (detail)
  4. wso2mi-hl7  ? → (detail)
  5. WSO2 Micro Integrator - Analytics Data Publisher Util  ? → (detail)
  6. WSO2 Micro Integrator - Core Component  ? → (detail)
  7. WSO2 Carbon - New Data Sources Common  ? → (detail)
  8. WSO2 Carbon - HL7 Business Messaging - Common  ? → (detail)

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Success MI Integration Test Admin Clients6.4 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Automation Extensions2 min 3 sec
Success DataServices Clients34 sec
Success MI Data Service Tests0.47 sec
Success WSO2 DataServices Integration Test0.46 sec
Success Mi DSS Integration Test Common0.49 sec
Success DS Samples Parent3.2 sec
Success MI Test Common Module2 min 23 sec
Success MI Integration Test Common Utils36 sec
Success WSO2 MI - Management API Tests1 min 22 sec
Success WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - Mediation Integration Tests0.47 sec
Success MI DSS Samples Parent0.46 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Integration Tests14 sec
Success MI Integration Test Reporting7.9 sec
Success MI test Module-mediator-113 min
Success MI test Module-mediator-216 min
Unstable MI test Module-Other14 min
Success Mi test Module - Test Patches18 min
Success MI Test Module - Platform0.46 sec
Success MI test Module - Platform - RabbitMQ Transport6.3 sec
Success MI test Module - Sample2 min 38 sec
Success MI test Module-Service8 min 24 sec
Success MI test Module-Transport59 min
 MI test Module-Transport-2 (didn’t run)
Success MI DSS Admin Clients8.8 sec
Success MI DSS Test Utils2.2 sec
Success MI DSS Tests1 min 26 sec
Success WSO2 MI - Samples1 min 27 sec
Success MI test Module-Coordination20 sec
Success MI test Module-Transaction8 sec
Success MI test Module - UserStore10 sec
Success MI Test Service Module4.9 sec