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  1. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - micro-integrator P2 Profile Generation  ? → (detail)
  2. WSO2 Micro Integrator - Distribution  ? → (detail)
  3. WSO2 Micro Integrator - Feature Aggregator Module  ? → (detail)
  4. WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - Component Parent  ? → (detail)

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Module Builds

Success MI Integration Test Admin Clients0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Automation Extensions0.22 sec
Success builtin-mediators0.2 sec
 MI Integration Test - CLI Tests (didn’t run)
Success crypto-service0.22 sec
Success data0.2 sec
Success data-features0.19 sec
Success data-publisher-features0.27 sec
Success data-publishers0.2 sec
Success data-services0.21 sec
Success data-services-feature0.2 sec
Success DataServices Clients0.23 sec
Success MI Data Service Tests0.27 sec
Success WSO2 DataServices Integration Test0.22 sec
Success Mi DSS Integration Test Common0.21 sec
Success DS Samples Parent0.21 sec
Success event-sink0.2 sec
Success extensions0.23 sec
Success inbound-endpoint0.21 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Inbound Endpoint Module0.19 sec
Success MI Test Common Module0.23 sec
Success MI Integration Test Common Utils0.28 sec
Success mediation0.18 sec
Success mediation-features0.2 sec
Success WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - Mediation Integration Tests0.23 sec
Success mediators0.19 sec
Success WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - Component Parent0.23 sec
Success MI DSS Samples Parent0.21 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Feature Aggregator Module0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Integration Tests0.31 sec
Success WSO2 Enterprise Integrator - micro-integrator P2 Profile Generation0.23 sec
 MI Monitoring Dashboard - Component Parent (didn’t run)
 MI Monitoring Dashboard - Distribution (didn’t run)
 MI Monitoring Dashboard - Feature Aggregator Module (didn’t run)
 MI Monitoring Dashboard - Parent (didn’t run)
Success MI Integration Test Reporting0.2 sec
Success MI test Module-mediator-10.22 sec
Success MI test Module-mediator-20.22 sec
Success MI test Module-Other0.22 sec
Success Mi test Module - Test Patches0.23 sec
Success MI Test Module - Platform0.2 sec
Success MI test Module - Platform - RabbitMQ Transport0.19 sec
 MI test Module - Platform - with WSO2MB (didn’t run)
Success MI test Module - Sample0.24 sec
Success MI test Module-Service0.21 sec
Success MI test Module-Transport0.3 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Cache mediator0.2 sec
 WSO2 Micro Integrator - Core Component (didn’t run)
 WSO2 Micro Integrator - Extensions (didn’t run) (didn’t run) (didn’t run)
 WSO2 Micro Integrator - Server Component (didn’t run)
 WSO2 Micro Integrator - Core Server Feature (didn’t run)
Success MI DSS Admin Clients0.21 sec
Success MI DSS Test Utils0.23 sec
Success MI DSS Tests0.32 sec
Success WSO2 MI - Samples0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Analytics Data Publisher Util0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator Analytics - Message Flow Data Publisher0.27 sec
Success sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.bootstrap0.23 sec
Success MI test Module-Coordination0.21 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.coordination0.21 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Core Component0.21 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.crypto.feature0.21 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.crypto.impl0.23 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.crypto.provider0.23 sec
 MI Monitoring Dashboard - Web Component (didn’t run)
 MI Monitoring Dashboard - Feature (didn’t run)
Success WSO2 Carbon - Data service C-app Deployer implementation0.2 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Data Services Common0.21 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Data Services Core0.28 sec
 WSO2 Carbon - Data Services OData (didn’t run)
Success WSO2 Carbon - OData Services Endpoint0.19 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - All Mediators Server Feature0.25 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Data Services SQL Driver0.23 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.event.sink0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Extensions0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Identity Entitlement Mediator0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - XACML Mediation Feature0.23 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.inbound.endpoint0.26 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.inbound.endpoint.osgi0.23 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.inbound.endpoint.persistence0.61 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Inbound Endpoint Server Feature0.2 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Mediation Initializer0.26 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Initializer Server Feature0.2 sec
Success sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - ntask Integration core0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Mediation NTask Feature0.28 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Synapse Security0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator Mediation StartUp0.24 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Identity OAuth Mediator0.2 sec
Success WSO2 MI - Publish Event mediator0.2 sec
Success WSO2 MI - Event-Sink Management Server Feature0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - All Mediators Server Feature0.2 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Data source C-app Deployer implementation0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - New Data Sources Common0.25 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - New Data Sources Core0.28 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - New Data Sources RDBMS0.21 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Tasks Core0.21 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Tasks Core Feature0.21 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.probes0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Prometheus data publisher0.2 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Prometheus Publisher Feature0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Registry0.23 sec
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.security0.25 sec
Success sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator Security Feature0.2 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Server Component0.23 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Core Server Feature0.22 sec
 WSO2 Carbon - Task BE (didn’t run)
 WSO2 Carbon - Scheduled Tasks Core Feature (didn’t run)
 MI test Module-Transaction (didn’t run)
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Transport Handlers0.23 sec
 MI test Module - UserStore (didn’t run)
Success org.wso2.micro.integrator.websocket.feature0.22 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - WebsocketTransport0.28 sec
Success publishEvent-feature0.2 sec
Success registry0.19 sec
 scheduled-tasks (didn’t run)
Success security0.18 sec
Success security-features0.19 sec
Success MI Test Service Module0.23 sec
Success startup0.21 sec
Success tasks0.25 sec
Success transport-features0.23 sec
Success transports0.19 sec
Success utsecurity0.26 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator1.4 sec
Success WSO2 Micro Integrator - Distribution0.3 sec