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  1. Add changes for guide in service-composition (commit: 7328124) (details)
  2. Apply grammar corrections proposed by Samuel (commit: d0d02ec) (details)
  3. Fix docs formatting (commit: f70273a) (details)
  4. Update quick start guide, docker, Kubernetes docs (commit: 62743a6) (details)
  5. Update (commit: 60fdf48) (details)
  6. Create (commit: d7791f6) (details)
  7. Update mkdocs.yml (commit: 0756165) (details)
  8. Update image (commit: b9c32b0) (details)
  9. Change VS Code version to 0.11.0 (commit: 5e7b2ea) (details)
  10. Fix issues in snippet files (commit: 48ff4be) (details)
  11. Add context awareness functionality to snippet generation" (commit: 236331d) (details)
  12. Add skip tests to config.json (commit: f541f8b) (details)
  13. Rename exposing SOAP service's guide (commit: 26d7a06) (details)
  14. Add include markdown content functionality to docs-generator (commit: f2e7ce5) (details)
  15. Move GlobalVariableDefinition file to sninippets-gen/main/resources (commit: 93be3a1) (details)
  16. Make mkdocs to be run with Docker and make change doc site for (commit: e8a9eb1) (details)
  17. Fix issue in importing multiple modules (commit: 01cc425) (details)

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