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  1. Bump dependencies from IS_dependency_updater_github_action/1692007558 (commit: 6c09a0c) (details)
  2. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v5.12.0-alpha10 (commit: 8f1d790) (details)
  3. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 7c3df92) (details)
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  1. WSO2 Identity Server - All Rest API  ? → Success#3860 (detail)
  2. WSO2 Identity Server - Rest API  ? → Success#3860 (detail)

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    Module Builds

    Success WSO2 Identity Integration Test Common22 sec
     PassiveSTSSample (didn’t run)
     PassiveSTSSampleApp (didn’t run)
    Success WSO2 Identity Server - Rest API19 sec
    Success WSO2 Identity Server - All Rest API1 min 6 sec
    Success CallHome9.1 sec
     OAuth 2.0 Custom Grant (didn’t run)
     Identity Server: Hello world sample Webapp (didn’t run)
    Success WSO2 IS - Features Aggregator Module14 sec
    Success Identity Server Integration Tests29 sec
    Success WSO2 Identity Integration Test Utils14 sec
    Success WSO2 IS - IS Profile Generation1 min 55 sec
     Samples/Remote User Management (didn’t run)
    Success WSO2 Identity Server44 sec
    Success WSO2 Identity Server Styles Parent11 sec
     InfoRecoverySample Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
     is-helloworld-app (didn’t run)
     microprofile-jwt (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Carbon - OAuth10a Resource Owner Equivalent (didn’t run)
     WSO2 IAM Portal - Parent (didn’t run)
     WSO2 IAM Portal - User Portal App (didn’t run)
    Success Custom Attribute Finder20 sec
    Success Identity Test Back-end Module49 min
     WSO2 Sample - Sample Authentication Endpoints (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Carbon - Sample Authenticator Extension (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Entitlement Sample Online Trading (didn’t run)
     STS Client (didn’t run)
    Success org.wso2.carbon.identity.test.integration.service28 sec
    Success org.wso2.carbon.identity.test.integration.service.stubs19 sec (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Identity Server Apps - Test Container Component (didn’t run)
     WSO2 IS - Cypress Integration Test Identity Apps Module (didn’t run)
     org.wso2.identity.cypress.integration.test (didn’t run)
    Success WSO2 IS - Integration Test Admin Clients Module28 sec
    Success WSO2 IS - Integration Test Utils Module27 sec
    Success org.wso2.identity.integration.test17 sec
    Success WSO2 IS - Integration UI Pages Module12 sec
     org.wso2.identity.jaggery.apps.feature (didn’t run)
     org.wso2.identity.passivests.filter (didn’t run)
    Success Identity Server: UI styles26 sec
    Success WSO2 IS - Style Features19 sec
    Success WSO2 Carbon - Identity UI Feature16 sec
    Success WSO2 IS - Utils Features19 sec
     WSO2 User Client API - Client Bundle (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Identity Server - Distribution (didn’t run)
     Travelocity.COM ServiceProvider / RelyingParty Webapp (didn’t run)
     OAuth 2.0 Playground App with WSO2 Identity Server (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Identity Server (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Identity Server UI- Tests (didn’t run)
     sample-handler (didn’t run)
     sample-template (didn’t run)
     scim-provisioning (didn’t run)
     WSO2 User Portal - OSGi Tests (didn’t run)
     WSO2 User Portal - Tests (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Identity Server User Portal UI- Tests (didn’t run)
    Success Identity Server1 min 3 sec
     Identity Server : Hash Provider (didn’t run)
    Success Identity Server : identity-authenticators12 sec
    Success Identity Server : Connector18 sec
    Success Identity Server : identity-local-authenticators13 sec
    Success Identity Server : oauth2-grant-types11 sec
    Success Identity Server : Provisioning Connectors12 sec
     Identity Server : Samples (didn’t run)
     WSO2 Carbon Identity Sample (Adaptive) Authenticators (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : InfoRecoverySample Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
     wso2is-identity-samples-microprofile (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : OAuth 1.0a samples with Identity Server (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : OAuth2.0 Samples with Identity Server 5.2.0 (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : Passive STS Samples (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : SCIM Samples (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : SSO Samples (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : STS Samples (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : User Mgt Samples (didn’t run)
     Identity Server : XACML Samples (didn’t run)
    Success Identity Server : Social-authenticators10 sec
     Identity Server : Workflow Samples (didn’t run)