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  1. Refactor test cases to prevent intermittent failures (commit: 849f050) (details)
  2. [WSO2 Release] [Jenkins #528] [Release 2.7.0] prepare release v2.7.0 (commit: 0c67ccf) (details)
  3. [WSO2 Release] [Jenkins #528] [Release 2.7.0] prepare for next (commit: bdeab0f) (details)

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    Success JWTAccessTokenBuilder24 sec
    Success Sample: Securing microservices in MSF4J using OAuth22.2 sec
    Success Sample: WebSocket Chat App (Deployable Jar)3.6 sec
    Success JAX-RS Delegates10 sec
    Success jwt-claims0.5 sec
    Success Sample: Microservices in MSF4J with signed JWT1.9 sec
     Sample: Log Interceptor (didn’t run)
    Success msf4j2.9 sec
    Success MSF4J - All in one jar file4.1 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Analytics7.6 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Analytics Common3.9 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J client7.4 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J core1 min 2 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Deployer33 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J - Microservice Archetype1.8 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Mustache template engine integration4.4 sec
     WSO2 MSF4J OSGi tests (didn’t run)
    Success WSO2 MSF4J - Parent Pom8.1 sec
    Success MSF4J-Parent2 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Spring19 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Swagger9.5 sec
    Success WSO2 msf4j - Tests0.48 sec
    Success Sample: Securing microservices in MSF4J using OAuth22.3 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Deployer Feature3.9 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Feature9.4 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet Store Microservices Solution0.46 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - file server microservice2.6 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - pet microservice2.9 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - security microservice12 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - transaction microservice2.7 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - utils4.5 sec
    Success spring-helloworld2.7 sec
    Success spring-profile2.7 sec
    Success Travelocity.COM ServiceProvider / RelyingParty Webapp23 sec
    Success Sample: Stockquote microservice (OSGi Bundle)4.2 sec
    Success Sample: Stockquote microservice (Deployable Jar)3.9 sec
    Success Sample: WebSocket Chat Application (OSGi Bundle)3.6 sec
    Success Sample: WebSocket Chat Application (Fatjar Mode)2.2 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J OSGi tests14 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4j - Test - Distribution25 sec
    Success WSO2 DAS MSF4J message tracing C-App1.6 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Server - Distribution Pack2 sec
    Success Zipkin Tracing Module5.9 sec
    Success Sample: StockQuote MSF4J (Fat jar mode)3.1 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Microservice benchmark service2.2 sec
    Success MSF4J Circuit breaker sample2.9 sec
    Success Sample: MSF4J Service Chaining4.2 sec
    Success Sample: File server Microservice2.2 sec
    Success Sample: FormParam Service2.5 sec
    Success Sample: Hello World Microservice2.5 sec
    Success Sample: HTTP-Monitoring2.8 sec
    Success jpa4.7 sec
    Success Sample: MSF4J Microservice Lifecycle Management2.2 sec
    Success Sample: Metrics3.8 sec
    Success Sample: PathParam with Regex2.2 sec
    Success Sample: Session-aware Microservice2.2 sec
    Success subresource-sample2.3 sec
    Success Sample: Template Microservice2.2 sec
    Success Sample: MSF4J distributed tracing with Zipkin3.5 sec
    Success Sample: Deployable Jar Interceptor Service3.9 sec
    Success Sample: Fat Jar Interceptor Service2.6 sec
    Success Sample: Interceptor Common2.8 sec
    Success Sample: OSGI Interceptor Service3.9 sec