1. fix style issues on the PR (details)
Commit 8c6895079c222a171dd3394fb9bcf9572242706c by sathiyakugan.15
fix style issues on the PR
The file was modifiedbuildScripts/pipeline-vscode.groovy (diff)
The file was modifiedbuildScripts/pipeline-vscode-plugin.groovy (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ExtensionConstants.ts (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ui/css/jsonview.css (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ui/diagram.html (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/Config.ts (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/identityServerDebug.ts (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ui/js/jsonview.js (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ui/oAuth.html (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/DebugConstants.ts (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ui/css/custom.css (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/ui/js/custom.js (diff)
The file was modifiedclient/src/lspModules/PreviewManager.ts (diff)