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Started on Oct 7, 2022 10:07:14 AM
Started by event from → → ⇒ on Fri Oct 07 10:07:14 IST 2022
Using strategy: Default
[poll] Last Built Revision: Revision 0fea383ad234f4a824146fafcf8622131926057a (refs/remotes/origin/master)
using credential 4ff4a55b-1313-45da-8cbf-b2e100b1accd
 > git --version # timeout=10
using GIT_ASKPASS to set credentials 
 > git ls-remote -h https://github.com/wso2-extensions/identity-outbound-auth-oidc.git # timeout=10
Found 11 remote heads on https://github.com/wso2-extensions/identity-outbound-auth-oidc.git
[poll] Latest remote head revision on refs/heads/master is: 67047ea4bca14c1c969ff2c69694f8eef3e5c334
Done. Took 0.45 sec
Changes found