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    Success JWTAccessTokenBuilder34 sec
    Success Sample: Securing microservices in MSF4J using OAuth210 sec
    Success Sample: WebSocket Chat App (Deployable Jar)13 sec
    Success JAX-RS Delegates23 sec
    Success jwt-claims10 sec
    Success Sample: Microservices in MSF4J with signed JWT3.9 sec
     Sample: Log Interceptor (didn’t run)
    Success msf4j4.3 sec
    Success MSF4J - All in one jar file9.8 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Analytics10 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Analytics Common7.2 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J client16 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J core1 min 34 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Deployer42 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J - Microservice Archetype10 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Mustache template engine integration11 sec
     WSO2 MSF4J OSGi tests (didn’t run)
    Success WSO2 MSF4J - Parent Pom21 sec
    Success MSF4J-Parent10 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Spring32 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Swagger12 sec
    Success WSO2 msf4j - Tests4.3 sec
    Success Sample: Securing microservices in MSF4J using OAuth24.5 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Deployer Feature14 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Feature11 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet Store Microservices Solution3.9 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - file server microservice4.6 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - pet microservice4.1 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - security microservice14 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - transaction microservice3.7 sec
    Success Sample: [Pet Store] - Pet store microservices example - utils14 sec
    Success spring-helloworld3.5 sec
    Success spring-profile3.6 sec
    Success Travelocity.COM ServiceProvider / RelyingParty Webapp6 sec
    Success Sample: Stockquote microservice (OSGi Bundle)15 sec
    Success Sample: Stockquote microservice (Deployable Jar)6.6 sec
    Success Sample: WebSocket Chat Application (OSGi Bundle)7.7 sec
    Success Sample: WebSocket Chat Application (Fatjar Mode)2.9 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J OSGi tests24 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4j - Test - Distribution36 sec
    Success WSO2 DAS MSF4J message tracing C-App6 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Server - Distribution Pack12 sec
    Success Zipkin Tracing Module17 sec
    Success Sample: StockQuote MSF4J (Fat jar mode)4.5 sec
    Success WSO2 MSF4J Microservice benchmark service7 sec
    Success MSF4J Circuit breaker sample5 sec
    Success Sample: MSF4J Service Chaining4.4 sec
    Success Sample: File server Microservice9.7 sec
    Success Sample: FormParam Service9.7 sec
    Success Sample: Hello World Microservice5.5 sec
    Success Sample: HTTP-Monitoring4.3 sec
    Success jpa12 sec
    Success Sample: MSF4J Microservice Lifecycle Management9.3 sec
    Success Sample: Metrics8.7 sec
    Success Sample: PathParam with Regex3.6 sec
    Success Sample: Session-aware Microservice6 sec
    Success subresource-sample2.9 sec
    Success Sample: Template Microservice4 sec
    Success Sample: MSF4J distributed tracing with Zipkin12 sec
    Success Sample: Deployable Jar Interceptor Service7.6 sec
    Success Sample: Fat Jar Interceptor Service12 sec
    Success Sample: Interceptor Common3.2 sec
    Success Sample: OSGI Interceptor Service14 sec