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Success Build #798 (Jan 13, 2021 11:45:13 AM)

  1. Initial commit for async API UI view from siddhi app annotation (commit: bc912f1) (details)
  2. Add async API generation functionality (commit: a60e7f7) (details)
  3. Remove unwanted logs (commit: 9cc6185) (details)
  4. Remove async api tool bar menu option (commit: 6cdfa6c) (details)
  5. Comment SSE and WebSubPublisher in Async API generation (commit: 0a1af0d) (details)
  6. Add code formatting and update license headers (commit: d807fbc) (details)
  7. [WSO2 Release] [Jenkins #2959] [Release 3.0.48] prepare release v3.0.48 (commit: e62c0ae) (details)
  8. [WSO2 Release] [Jenkins #2959] [Release 3.0.48] prepare for next development iteration (commit: eca4154) (details)
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