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  1. Implement SQLServer Connector for listening mode (commit: 31ff616) (details)
  2. Add Dependency for Debezium PostgreSQL Connector (commit: 739cfda) (details)
  3. Implement PostgreSQL Connector for listening mode (commit: f65796e) (details)
  4. Add Constant Strings related to Oracle Connector Configs (commit: 9a39958) (details)
  5. Add Parameters for Debezium Oracle Connector (commit: ff5be76) (details)
  6. Implement Oracle Connector for Listening mode (commit: 5435b4a) (details)
  7. Use Oracle Connector Class and remove unwanted new lines (commit: a4b77ed) (details)
  8. Remove oracle connector implementation (commit: 5d35b10) (details)
  9. Fix ignoring records while concurrent writes (commit: 9c3293a) (details)
  10. Remove polling mode retry interval (commit: ef972d2) (details)
  11. Add test case (commit: 5f55364) (details)
  12. Modify error messages to be more descriptive (commit: b221509) (details)
  13. Fix intermittent test failure (commit: 45ea9c2) (details)
  14. Fix wait timeout issue (commit: 02e0e2d) (details)
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