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  1. Migrate ASB client to azure-sdk-for-go (commit: 5855c83) (details / githubweb)
  2. Update ASB retry logic (commit: 9d63a24) (details / githubweb)
  3. Update incorrect logger (commit: a08dacc) (details / githubweb)
  4. repo: Upgrade git action golang version (commit: 5ba8edc) (details / githubweb)

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Module Builds

 Choreo Connect - Adapter (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Distribution (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Parent (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Enforcer Parent (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Integration (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Mock-Backend-Server (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Enforcer (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Enforcer Commons (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Enforcer Commons (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Router (didn’t run)
 Choreo Connect - Test-Integration (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Adapter (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Integration (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Parent (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Test-Parent (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Mock-Backend-Server (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Enforcer (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Router (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Test-Integration (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Test-Integration (didn’t run)
 Micro Gateway - Distribution (didn’t run)
Failed Choreo Connect - Adapter1 min 2 sec
Not built Choreo Connect - Distribution1 ms
Success Choreo Connect - Parent2 min 2 sec
Not built Choreo Connect - Enforcer Parent1 ms
Not built Choreo Connect - Integration3 ms
Not built Choreo Connect - Mock-Backend-Server1 ms
Not built Choreo Connect - Enforcer1 ms
Not built Choreo Connect - Enforcer Commons1 ms
Success Choreo Connect - Router12 min
Not built Choreo Connect - Test-Integration1 ms