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  1. Add custom tag library code into components folder and update the pom files (commit: ca980ed) (details)
  2. exclude slf4j-api (commit: f0d088e) (details)
  3. update pages until the fido2-uaf.jsp page (commit: 66f521e) (details)
  4. Resolve conflicts (commit: 8eb8781) (details)
  5. change license (commit: 4f57791) (details)
  6. upadte all pages in recovery-portal (commit: bbce396) (details)
  7. Resolve conflicts (commit: b0f9a53) (details)
  8. change the license (commit: 85764ec) (details)
  9. add review suggested changes to authentication-portal (commit: 0159f78) (details)
  10. add review suggested changes to recovery-portal (commit: 9384df2) (details)
  11. add review suggested changes to sms-authentication-portal (commit: bab723e) (details)
  12. include branding-prefernces in fido2-auth file to get the supportEmail (commit: 7cb71c3) (details)
  13. update the org_name.jsp page (commit: 40ac329) (details)
  14. add a new line (commit: aa023d4) (details)
  15. Fix minor issues (commit: 330eb16) (details)
  16. Update missing code (commit: fc67dd9) (details)
  17. Fix minor issues (commit: 08557e6) (details)

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