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Started on Nov 30, 2016 10:51:11 AM
Using strategy: Default
[poll] Last Built Revision: Revision 857eee66ab2e88e546f1e7cba42e79b7526288ac (refs/remotes/origin/master)
using .gitcredentials to set credentials
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git init /build/software/jenkins/apache-tomcat-7.0.50/temp/hudson2513163152070655643tmp # timeout=10
 > git config --local credential.username wso2-jenkins-bot # timeout=10
 > git config --local credential.helper store --file=/build/software/jenkins/apache-tomcat-7.0.50/temp/git7618515629337635132.credentials # timeout=10
 > git -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h https://github.com/wso2/carbon-identity-framework.git # timeout=10
 > git config --local --remove-section credential # timeout=10
Found 11 remote heads on https://github.com/wso2/carbon-identity-framework.git
[poll] Latest remote head revision on refs/heads/master is: c56715826cb9d363228e913d14ad88b2a736c93a
Done. Took 1.8 sec
Changes found