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Success Build #49 (Sep 16, 2021 8:47:50 PM)

  1. implement pagination for bulk user export (commit: 9afade3) (details)
  2. add logs (commit: f5369a3) (details)
  3. improve logic in excludedAttributes to improve performance (commit: 5fe8aaa) (details)
  4. update Readme (commit: 83273f3) (details)
  5. update Readme (commit: 28aa7d6) (details)
  6. update Readme (commit: abee3be) (details)
  7. make startIndex dynamic (commit: 95db69e) (details)
  8. update readme (commit: eb97668) (details)
  9. fix typo (commit: ff474c0) (details)
  10. add support for filter userstore domain (commit: fcc032b) (details)
  11. fix possible memory issues (commit: 92cca01) (details)
  12. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v4.3.6 (commit: e7b1b24) (details)
  13. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 68605f9) (details)
  14. Bump httpclient from 4.5.8 to 4.5.13 (commit: 7cbab0e) (details)
  15. Add PR builder (commit: 791d447) (details)
  16. Update repositories (commit: 1f2c2cb) (details)
  17. Remove junit dependency (commit: 9cb2646) (details)
  18. Remove junit.version property (commit: 03a18d0) (details)
  19. Clean up and standardize VS projects update to be runnable (#276) (commit: 2e54969) (details)
  20. Remove http maven repo URL (commit: 2c407ab) (details)
  21. Fix broken link to file. (#297) (commit: d0517fc) (details)
  22. Fix CsvMappingException (commit: 52cec24) (details)
  23. Update custom fed authenticator component to support IS 5.3.0 onwards. (commit: f37cdf5) (details)
  24. Improve user copy logic (commit: 569bff0) (details)

Release build started by Maduranga Siriwardena

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Module Builds

 QSG (didn’t run)
 WSO2 Carbon - Custom Federated Authenticator (didn’t run)
 Dispatch (didn’t run)
 Swift (didn’t run)
 oidc-sso-sample (didn’t run)
 saml2-sso-sample (didn’t run)
 saml2-web-app-dispatch Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
 saml2-web-app-swift Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
 IS-samples (didn’t run)
 samples-is (didn’t run)
 Dispatch (didn’t run)
 IS-samples (didn’t run)
Not built PassiveSTSSample1 ms
Not built PassiveSTSSampleApp1 ms
 Swift (didn’t run)
Not built backend-service0.88 sec
Not built claim-manager0.76 sec
Not built OAuth 2.0 Custom Grant1 ms
 dispatch (didn’t run)
Not built gdpr-qsg2.2 sec
Not built gdpr-samples2.7 sec
Not built Identity Server: Hello world sample Webapp1 ms
Not built Samples/Remote User Management1 ms
Not built InfoRecoverySample Maven Webapp23 ms
Not built is-helloworld-app1 ms
 is-samples (didn’t run)
Not built is-samples-distribution0.31 sec
Not built jks-loader1 ms
Not built microprofile-jwt0 ms
Not built notification-center0.52 sec
Not built WSO2 Carbon - OAuth10a Resource Owner Equivalent6 ms
Not built oidc-jks-loader6.5 sec
Not built oidc-sso-sample0.39 sec
Not built org.wso2.carbon.identity.conditional.auth.sample0.88 sec
Not built WSO2 Carbon - Custom Federated Authenticator1 ms
Not built OAuth 2.0 Custom JWT Token Issuer26 ms
Not built org.wso2.carbon.identity.handler.step0.2 sec
Not built org.wso2.carbon.identity.oauth.client.auth.sample0.3 sec
Not built sec
Not built WSO2 Sample - Sample Authentication Endpoints1 ms
Not built WSO2 Carbon - Sample Authenticator Extension1 ms
Not built WSO2 Carbon - Sample Local Authenticator11 ms
Not built WSO2 Entitlement Sample Online Trading1 ms
Not built STS Client0 ms
Not built org.wso2.identity.passivests.filter0 ms
Not built Travelocity.COM ServiceProvider / RelyingParty Webapp1 ms (didn’t run)
Not built photo-edit0 ms
Not built photo-view0 ms
 pick-my-book (didn’t run)
 pickup (didn’t run)
Not built pickup-dispatch0.17 sec
Not built pickup-manager0.32 sec
Not built pickup Maven OIDC client Webapp0.23 sec
Not built pickup Maven SAML client Webapp0.18 sec
Not built pickup-sample-app0.29 sec
Not built OAuth 2.0 Playground App with WSO2 Identity Server1 ms
Not built quick-start-guide0.15 sec
Not built saml-query-profile-client1 ms
Not built saml2-sso-sample0.71 sec
 saml2-web-app-dispatch Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
Not built saml2-web-app-pickup-dispatch Maven Webapp0.29 sec
Not built saml2-web-app-pickup-manger Maven Webapp0.13 sec
 saml2-web-app-swift Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
Not built sample-handler1 ms
Not built sample-template4 ms
Success samples-is6 min 53 sec
Not built scim-provisioning1 ms
Not built scim.bulk.user.export.tool1 ms
 swift (didn’t run)
Not built uma.sample1 ms
Not built WSO2 Carbon Identity Sample (Adaptive) Authenticators1 ms
Not built Identity Server : InfoRecoverySample Maven Webapp1 ms
Not built wso2is-identity-samples-microprofile1 ms
Not built Identity Server : OAuth 1.0a samples with Identity Server0 ms
Not built OAuth 2.0 Samples with WSO2 Identity Server1 ms
Not built Identity Server : Passive STS Samples0 ms
Not built Identity Server : SCIM Samples2 ms
Not built Identity Server : SSO Samples4 ms
Not built Identity Server : STS Samples4 ms
Not built Identity Server : User Mgt Samples13 ms
Not built Identity Server : XACML Samples20 ms
Not built Identity Server : Workflow Samples0 ms
 scim-bulk-user-export-tool (didn’t run)