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  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release v4.5.0 (commit: 3e58bf2) (details)
  2. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 1499ff0) (details)
  3. Add sample outbound provisioning connector (commit: bcb8ac3) (details)
  4. Bump kernel and framework versions (commit: a705785) (details)
  5. add guardio insurance sample application to the samples (commit: 944dbe6) (details)
  6. delete apiDecode and apiCall deleted to refactor (commit: 17912a7) (details)
  7. delete util file (commit: 05efd67) (details)
  8. removed comments (commit: ecb9ca2) (details)
  9. add the license headers (commit: 7a3e059) (details)
  10. Add compatibility with 1.3x H2 version (commit: 147ad9f) (details)
  11. lint file changed (commit: 6ef6001) (details)
  12. config file changed (commit: 2bcc9b4) (details)
  13. Lint issues fixed (commit: 26ac888) (details)
  14. formatting errors fixed (commit: d465935) (details)
  15. env file edited to remove the SECRET value (commit: f87fbff) (details)
  16. Update logo.js (commit: 9299c0d) (details)
  17. Update config.json (commit: a789429) (details)
  18. fix PR reviews (commit: abc13b7) (details)
  19. now user can eneter o/<routerQuery> to login to their org (commit: 9e0849b) (details)
  20. Update [id].js (commit: a10e1c1) (details)
  21. Fixed issue where the user details are not shown if the user is not an admin (commit: 7064af8) (details)
  22. decode me file added (commit: e854a72) (details)
  23. Add user attributes from id token (commit: 7dd8983) (details)
  24. edit user and me details is fixed (commit: 7bfe628) (details)
  25. add user last and first name added (commit: a2e65a5) (details)
  26. Update addUserComponent.js (commit: 29b6a0c) (details)
  27. Updated pickup-dispatch credentials (commit: 4385b12) (details)
  28. Added log4j2 dependency (commit: bb9106e) (details)
  29. Use slf4j imports (commit: d928678) (details)
  30. Use slf4j-api imports (commit: b5f9a71) (details)
  31. Fix build error (commit: 151d252) (details)

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Module Builds

 QSG (didn’t run)
 WSO2 Carbon - Custom Federated Authenticator (didn’t run)
Success org.wso2.carbon.identity.customhandler6.6 sec
 Conditional Authentication - Custom Functions (didn’t run)
 Dispatch (didn’t run)
 Swift (didn’t run)
 oidc-sso-sample (didn’t run)
 saml2-sso-sample (didn’t run)
 saml2-web-app-dispatch Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
 saml2-web-app-swift Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
 IS-samples (didn’t run)
 samples-is (didn’t run)
 sample.scope.validator (didn’t run)
 Dispatch (didn’t run)
 IS-samples (didn’t run)
Success PassiveSTSSample0.42 sec
Success PassiveSTSSampleApp1.6 sec
 Swift (didn’t run)
Success backend-service12 sec
Success claim-manager4 sec
Success OAuth 2.0 Custom Grant5.1 sec
 dispatch (didn’t run)
Success gdpr-qsg5.1 sec
Success gdpr-samples0.5 sec
Success Identity Server: Hello world sample Webapp0.46 sec
Success Samples/Remote User Management6 sec
Success InfoRecoverySample Maven Webapp9.8 sec
Success is-helloworld-app1.9 sec
 is-samples (didn’t run)
Success is-samples-distribution5.6 sec
Success jks-loader1.8 sec
Success microprofile-jwt2.5 sec
Success notification-center2 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - OAuth10a Resource Owner Equivalent4.4 sec
Success oidc-jks-loader1.7 sec
Success oidc-sso-sample0.44 sec
Success org.wso2.carbon.identity.conditional.auth.sample1.4 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Custom Federated Authenticator5.2 sec
Success OAuth 2.0 Custom JWT Token Issuer6.6 sec
Success org.wso2.carbon.identity.handler.step4.7 sec
Success org.wso2.carbon.identity.oauth.client.auth.sample23 sec
Success sec
Success WSO2 Sample - Sample Authentication Endpoints4.8 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Sample Authenticator Extension5.4 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Sample Local Authenticator6.8 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon - Custom OAuth2 Federated Authenticator5.4 sec
Success WSO2 Entitlement Sample Online Trading2.3 sec
Success STS Client3.1 sec
Success Conditional Authentication - Custom Functions11 sec
Success Custom JDBC User-store Manager3.5 sec
Success org.wso2.identity.passivests.filter2 sec
Success Travelocity.COM ServiceProvider / RelyingParty Webapp6.7 sec (didn’t run)
Success photo-edit2.1 sec
Success photo-view2.1 sec
 pick-my-book (didn’t run)
 pickup (didn’t run)
Success pickup-dispatch2.8 sec
Success pickup-manager2.2 sec
Success pickup Maven OIDC client Webapp1.9 sec
Success pickup Maven SAML client Webapp3.3 sec
Success pickup-sample-app0.46 sec
Success OAuth 2.0 Playground App with WSO2 Identity Server3.8 sec
Success quick-start-guide4.4 sec
Success saml-query-profile-client8.8 sec
Success saml2-sso-sample0.48 sec
 saml2-web-app-dispatch Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
Success saml2-web-app-pickup-dispatch Maven Webapp4.5 sec
Success saml2-web-app-pickup-manger Maven Webapp14 sec
 saml2-web-app-swift Maven Webapp (didn’t run)
Success sample-handler5.2 sec
Success sample-template4.9 sec
Success Identity Server - Sample Scope Validators7.9 sec
Success samples-is5.1 sec
Success scim-provisioning2.3 sec
Success scim.bulk.user.export.tool5.2 sec
 swift (didn’t run)
Success uma.sample0.57 sec
Success WSO2 Carbon Identity Sample (Adaptive) Authenticators0.43 sec
Success Identity Server : InfoRecoverySample Maven Webapp0.45 sec
Success wso2is-identity-samples-microprofile0.45 sec
Success Identity Server : OAuth 1.0a samples with Identity Server0.46 sec
Success OAuth 2.0 Samples with WSO2 Identity Server0.44 sec
Success Identity Server : Passive STS Samples0.44 sec
Success Identity Server : SCIM Samples0.46 sec
Success Identity Server : SSO Samples0.44 sec
Success Identity Server : STS Samples0.48 sec
Success Identity Server : User Mgt Samples0.44 sec
Success Identity Server : XACML Samples0.44 sec
Success Identity Server : Workflow Samples0.44 sec
 scim-bulk-user-export-tool (didn’t run)