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Success Build #49 (Jun 4, 2021 10:01:20 AM)

  1. Echo ballerina version (commit: e4e89f6) (details)
  2. Comment building bal files (commit: a1d3d92) (details)
  3. Update .jar extension to .bal (commit: cfe3fb2) (details)
  4. Disable http caching (commit: 9d8efe8) (details)
  5. Revert "Disable http caching" (commit: f2e1915) (details)
  6. Execute ballerina run as root (commit: 41516e5) (details)
  7. Revert "Execute ballerina run as root" (commit: 74b89ff) (details)
  8. Update performance-common version (commit: 3b18f59) (details)
  9. Update scenario files for slp5 (commit: 871fda4) (details)
  10. Disable gc logs with java 11 (commit: 9d4cad0) (details)
  11. Change scripts compatible with swan-lake-alpha1 (commit: 1530d43) (details)
  12. Remove comments in scripts (commit: 199a7ae) (details)
  13. Change command ballerina to bal in scripts (commit: 5ca84ad) (details)
  14. Update test scenarios for SL-alpha5 (commit: b10c547) (details)
  15. Refactor test scenarios (commit: 421cfe8) (details)
  16. Update test scenarios for SL-beta1 (commit: 65bec27) (details)
  17. Make HTTP clients final (commit: 80444e8) (details)
  18. Refactor test scenarios for SL Beta1 (commit: 24b6bf8) (details)

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